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online Payments

Integrate with the payment gateway of your choice for credit card bookings.


Real time invoicing on the same personalized page as the itinerary. All-in-one platform.


Customize the price per traveler based on their preferences and status.

Payment Plans

Configure deposits and installments with ease.

Group Options

Allow payment by invitation group for families and couples. One combined invoice but still individuals for the headcount. Watch video

Payment methods

Direct deposit payment option and the ability to record manual payments.

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Ann Marie had an adventure group climbing Kilimanjaro with an optional safari extension. The price varied from $2,500 to $6,000 depending on the options selected.
She already had 23 people interested and expected about 14 to put down deposits. She loaded the full list into YouLi and sent out invitations to start collecting the individual preferences that would determine the final price per person. Her website could only show a price range to everyone, but with YouLi she could customize the price for each customer in a way that allowed each person to see the same shared schedule but only their price, without any development work, it was secure and always available.
She set a 10% deposit due immediately upon registration and then 4 installments of the remaining amount. Customers could also choose to pay in full up front. They could choose between paying with credit card or doing a direct bank transfer based on the instructions provided in their personalized YouLi page, so Ann Marie could be sure her bank information was not visible to everyone on the internet.
Ann Marie received a notification when a payment was made or someone changed their mind. She had a dashboard view of the trip which enabled her to ensure she she was collecting the necessary payments where she could also send reminders and confirm bookings. 
In the end she had 12 confirmed travelers that each paid a different price and got an incredible experience reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro and getting as close to a lion as you can while still living to tell the tale!


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