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I love my journeys, but I also love coming home. Traveling makes me appreciate what I have more each time. It has taught me to be more forgiving of others, more patient when they do not understand me, and more willing to question snap judgements about people based on superficial labels. This means every time, I travel with purpose.

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Petra - The Siq - Treasury

Travel That Transforms

What is Transformational Travel to you? Do you prefer to be independent? Guided? In a Group? If you’re afraid to be challenged, it probably means it’s time to be challenged. Next trip allow yourself to be changed and come home knowing more than when you left; about yourself, about others, about the world.

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3 Tips for Organizing Group Travel

Group travel and planning group trips is a challenging yet rewarding task for group leaders. We are the people who love to pull people together to have experiences that wouldn’t happen on their own. I’ve heard many horror stories and many triumphant stories of trips gone wrong and trips gone epic. So here’s a few tips I’ve picked up along the way.

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