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YouLi provides software-as-a-service technology that helps you create and customize amazing trips, collaborate as a team, attract like-minded travelers, collect secure payments and convert prospects to happy, repeat customers. Our premium white labelled solution brings your unique branding to the forefront and enables a consistent, beautifully branded experience for your travelers.

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Document Sharing

Ensure docs like waiver forms, passports or proof of insurance are accessible when you need them.

White labelled Teams

Deliver a consistent experience for your travelers no matter who is managing the trip from your team. Customize trips with your brand logo & colors.

Customized Pricing

Set individual or group prices. Accept deposits & payments using Stripe/Square/PayPal/Bank Transfer


Beautiful programs allow you to collect preferences for extra activities. Each traveler gets a personlized itinerary.

Automated Reminders

Email reminders to prompt travelers to take action at the right times. Whether that is to complete payment or tasks or just get ready to go!

Tasks for Travelers

Make sure everyone knows what they need to do before they go, like waiver forms and visas.  

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Transformational Travel
Case Study

Transformational Expeditions with Adventure Awake

“I was successful in my 20’s despite my childhood. However, I am successful in my 30’s because of my childhood.” Antesa, founder of Adventure Awake used YouLi to systematize the experiences that are essential pieces of an Adventure Awake expedition – all in one tool.

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96 Tram at Night

Turn An Idea into a Trip – in 12 Minutes

“Ah-hah, that’s what we need, an adult field trip for immigrant citizens to catch up on their missed grade 6 lesson!” With names of grade 6 teachers to contact bouncing across the table, I was inspired to make this happen. So as I sat waiting for the 96 tram, instead of being disappointed by the 12 minutes displayed on the screen, I pulled out my phone and logged into YouLi.

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