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destination wedding, Jordan
Destination Wedding

Transformational Travel – Founder Story

In the end the trip was better than I could have dreamed even when things didn’t go to plan. I encourage everyone about to embark on a new venture to test with a friendly audience and challenge themselves to do the impossible, it makes you feel like you can do anything, and that’s transformational travel.

Destination Wedding

Dreams for 2017

I have many dreams for where YouLi will end up, but it has already taken me farther than I ever imagined. My name is Jennifer Fein, and I am a Digital Nomad & Product Manager & Startup Founder & Traveller & Planner.

Destination Wedding

Planning an Epic Destination Wedding

When we started planning 2 years ago, YouLi didn’t exist, so I decided to create it, or at least part of it. The vision: create a platform that allowed me to communicate with my guests about what they were getting into and allow them to create customised itineraries from the options I provided.