GDPR 2018

Data Privacy is a Good Thing

Today is the big day! No, not the Royal Wedding, this is about something far more important to your life: Data Privacy. The GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation and it is why you got so much email you didn’t want this week (oh the irony).

Passed 2 years ago by the EU, GDPR went into effect on May 25, 2018. So for anyone claiming this snuck up on them, well, clearly you’re not alone but that’s still no excuse. It applies to anyone who collects data on EU residents, which these days is most online businesses, and certainly applies to YouLi.

Data Privacy has always been an important principle for YouLi, which is why we built our system for the Planners. Much like a CRM system, we do not own the data you provide to us, it is your data.

In the context of GDPR, this means that you, as a Planner using YouLi to communicate your trips to your Travelers, are the data controller and YouLi is your data processor. For those of you that love to know the details, please read our Data Protection Addendum Policy.

For those of you who just fell asleep on me, this means that you have to ensure you are compliant, but YouLi is here to assist you by providing the functionality required for your processes to be compliant.

In light of that, you have the ability to retrieve and remove any information collected on your Travelers via your Planner interface. And if you need extra help, you can also open a ticket.

If you want to read more about this and cut through the hysteria, I recommend this article.

Yes, this is annoying for businesses, but as consumers and global citizens this is a great day. We now know that we can exert control over how our data is collected and used. It isn’t perfect and it will evolve, but it is a step towards finding the right balance between privacy and convenience.

Happy Friday and happy GDPR day, you won’t be getting an email from us today, it will be sent next week with our release notes. Because we want you to actually pay attention to this! 😎