Being a Group Leader is Challenging, but so Worth It

You know that feeling when you’ve discovered a place that touches you and you just want to share it with the world? The photos you post don’t seem to do it justice and you keep thinking how many people would love to be there, if only they knew!

If this describes you, then you’re what we call a Group Leader. You have discovered a place or experience worth sharing. Maybe you blog about it, maybe you instagram it, maybe you just think about it a lot.

Getting there is probably not easy, otherwise everyone would go on their own. But you know the way and you dream of leading others; to see the joy on their faces when they get there.

We find the best group leaders are coaches, change-makers, photographers or simply those of us who discovered the magic of following our curiosity responsibly.

Groups are challenging but so rewarding

Leading groups is challenging, but like so many challenges, it is incredibly rewarding. When you see someone wake up to a sunrise over misty mountains after their first night camping, when you see the human connections that you made possible, when your travelers still talk about your trips years later as life changing; that’s when you know you are a creator of transformational experiences.

Today I’d like to highlight an incredible duo, Brigitte Muir and Juliette Robertson, creators of the transformational Women 4 Women Walking Retreat in Nepal – November 2019.

Brigitte was the first Australian woman to summit Everest. Wow! That kind of accomplishment does not come easily and she spent a lot of time in Nepal training herself and guiding others. Now she’s partnered with Juliette, a successful leadership coach for women to share this with women who want more from their holiday.

If you’re ready for an experience that you’ll talk about for years to come, then you’re invited to apply to join these incredible women and be guided on a transformational experience.

Expect a phone call once you register your interest so that Brigitte and Juliette can make sure it is right for you.