Jeanette Cheah - Founder The Hacker Exchange

Group Trips with The Hacker Exchange

Jeanette Cheah loves to help people grow and nudge great ideas towards reality. After spending 15 years innovating within corporate Australia, she co-founded The Hacker Exchange from her passion for startup education, diversity and community building led her to. The Hacker Exchange creates group trips from the next generation of Aussie founders to Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv and beyond. Through immersive startup bootcamps, university exchange programs and strategic connections, The Hacker Exchange participants emerge as a generation of leaders ready to build businesses that change the world.

“Blending the excitement of the startup world with the power of the business world is kind of my jam. Speaking, teaching, creating events and working in this space every day,” Jeanette shares. The Hacker Exchange philosophy is to inspire action, pay it forward and never stop learning. That is a philosophy we stand by as well.

The Challenges of Group Trips

When Jeanette reached out to YouLi about providing the tech to communicate the details for their group trips to young Australian entrepreneurs, we were thrilled to take on that challenge.

The Hacker Exchange Google Visit

The Hacker Exchange needed help managing trips for 18-25 aspiring entrepreneurs traveling to Silicon Valley for two inspiring weeks. Their itinerary while in Silicon Valley included a packed schedule of workshops from world-class thought leaders, talks with founders and mentors, meet-ups, and VIP access to some of the freshest businesses and co-working spaces in the Valley.

The ability to successfully manage nearly 30 activities over the course of two weeks for a group of travelers was of utmost importance. Many of the activities are hosted by leaders and VIPs at some of the best global companies.

Jeanette needed to be sure her budding entrepreneurs were prepared and informed to get the most out of the immersive program. She did so using YouLi Travel Pages.

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