Still using Spreadsheets for Trip Planning?

Spreadsheets are amazing, they are flexible and accessible and most people know how to use them. That’s why they are abused. They are used to manage things they were never meant for, including Trip Planning.

Sure, when I’ve got a solo trip to plan I will use a spreadsheet to keep track of the details with my own color-coded key to indicate what has been decided, what has been booked and what is an idea.

Groups are different

But when I am organizing a group of people to travel with me, I’m always disappointed that they don’t read my carefully tended spreadsheet. Why don’t they understand the incredible plan I put together for them??!!

Instead, they ignore my detailed email and send me questions about the things that are in the spreadsheet. Because sadly, the spreadsheet I worked so hard on is just not clear enough/engaging enough to them.

And even if they do response, then I have to make sure I take their response and update the spreadsheet to indicate which things they are going to and note whether they have paid. Then I have to chase them for the outstanding questions they didn’t answer and remember who responded to what. Then I lose track of the email threads. It’s all too frustrating!

YouLi makes your plan look polished

That’s why we built YouLi, because after you’ve spent hours perfecting the plan, you should have an easy way to create a visually appealing version of that plan for your group. So everyone will get as excited as you are and COMMIT to coming along. Their response automatically updates your list and prompts them to give you all the responses you need in a friendly interface. Making you more productive and making sure your travelers ready to go.

Ditch the spreadsheet and coordinate your group travel plans with YouLi, the Explorer version is always FREE, so there’s nothing to lose.