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Trip documents – All in One Place

Do you have a bunch of documents in a folder on Drive/Dropbox or your computer that you need to make sure your travelers review before they depart? Maybe a waiver form or a book list or a video to watch? Do you know if they’ve actually done it?

Do you need to collect documents from your travelers? Maybe passport scans or completed waiver forms or flight itineraries?

With our latest release (1.41) we have given our trip planners the ability to share any document or link with their travelers via Tasks, set a date and be sure they have taken the correct action – with the ability to review and respond inside the application.

These Tasks can provide documents to download and require your travelers to upload as well. So you can collect any document you need with automatic permission controls. So only the right travelers and your authorized co-planners can view them. No need to mess around with Google Drive permissions, simply assign tasks and know that both you and your traveler can see the right documents.

Planner Resources

Traveler Resources

Tasks can be used for many purposes:
* Collect room share preferences
* Collect t-shirt size
* Assign a packing list
* Require a flight booking document to be uploaded
* Require proof of travel insurance
* Remind travelers to get vaccinations
* Require a copy of their passport
…and generally anything you’d put in a registration form or provide in a FAQ, but written as an action so they don’t miss it!

To learn more about the latest documents and links functionality, which we call Resources, watch our HOW-TO.

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