96 Tram at Night

Turn An Idea into a Trip – in 12 Minutes

After an excellent networking dinner, hosted by Stephanie Gaddin, Technology Coach from Rocking Rose, I was inspired by a trip idea from our conversation. As a recently welcomed citizen to this “Lucky Country” of Australia, I’m aware of my obligation to vote, but not really sure about the nuance. A fellow immigrant who raised her children in Australia told me that her kids went on a field trip in grade 6 to Canberra to learn all about how the government works. Lightbulb moment: “Ah-hah, that’s what we need, an adult field trip for immigrant citizens to catch up on their missed grade 6 lesson!”

With names of grade 6 teachers to contact bouncing across the table, I was inspired to make this happen. So as I sat waiting for the 96 tram home, instead of being disappointed by the 12 minutes displayed on the screen, I pulled out my phone and logged into YouLi.

Before I got home, I sent Steph the public link to the trip we are going to make happen: https://youli.io/t/jenfein/grade6-canberra-for-immigrants

Sure, we have to build an audience, find the suppliers and all that – but now we have a beautiful representation of what it could be, which makes it much more likely to happen.

If you think this particular trip is a good idea, click ‘Express Interest’ on the Travel Page and we’ll let you know when our idea becomes reality so you don’t miss out.

If you have your own trip idea and need a quick way to get it out there to gather interest, make a FREE account on YouLi and spend the next 12 minutes creating a public Travel Page that inspires others to help you make your idea into a real trip.