Planner Cancellation Policy

YOULI is a white-labelled saas solution

YouLi sells software on a monthly or annual basis. As long as you are on an active subscription, we will store and protect your data and the data of your travelers.

Should a Planner (the Team Owner) choose to cancel your subscription, the follow cancellation policy applies:

Notice Period - Premium Plans

If the Planner gives us notice via our help system or by emailing support @

1. 72 hours (or more) BEFORE of the renewal of the subscription

✅  the cancellation will be processed and the card on file NOT be charged.

2. within 30 days AFTER the renewal of the subscription 

👉👉 the cancellation will be reviewed and a portion of the subscription fee MAY be refunded if we determine

  • The Planner account has not taken any bookings since the renewal was charged
  • The Planner does not have YouLi trips embedded on their website
  • The Planner has not invited Travelers to any Trips since the renewal was charged

Account/Data Deletion - Cancelled Premium Planner

Once the premium cancellation is processed, all data noted below will be deleted UNLESS 

  • a Storage Plan is selected to retain the data for future use – pricing details will be provided when requesting the cancellation
  • the Planner intends to transition to a Booking Fee plan – the Planner will have up to 30 days to process their first booking to avoid having their Account deleted.

Account/Data Deletion Requests - Booking Fee Planner

If you are subscribed to a plan that does not charge a monthly fee, you can request that all data collected in your account is deleted.

Submit your request via our help system or by emailing support @

Data Deletion - What is Permanently Deleted?

  • All account data, like logos and Planner contact information will be deleted
  • All team member accounts will be deleted
  • All trip coordinator accounts will be deleted
  • Co-Planner accounts will NOT be deleted, but they will lose access to this Planner’s trips
  • All templates and trip page metadata, like trip names, dates, images, itineraries, tasks will be deleted
  • Plug N Play website content will be deleted and return a 404 – they cannot be redirected
  • Trip Page URLs will no longer work and will return a 404 – they cannot be redirected
  • The YouLi Mobile app will not refresh/load trips from this Planner
  • Any offline trips saved on Traveler mobile apps will remain until the Traveler deletes the app
  • All traveler data will be deleted
  • All traveler uploaded documents will be deleted
  • All planner uploaded documents will be deleted


Planner” any YouLi Planner account that has the ability to take bookings, whether Premium or Booking Fee based.

Team Owner” is a Planner who has created Team Member accounts. 

Team Member” is a Planner who’s account was created by a Team Owner account and whose trips are all owned by the Team Owner

Trip Coordinator” is a YouLi user who’s account was created by a Planner account for read only access to a limited number of trips

Co-Planner” is an independent Planner who’s account was created by a Planner account to assist with managing a limited number of trips – but they cannot change pricing on trips.  Any trips they create are owned by their account and bookings collected are sent to their selected payment gateway.

Governing Law

This Policy is governed by the laws in force in Australia. You agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located in Australia.

Enterprise agreements regarding GDPR or other data regulation jurisdiction are negotiable.

Changes to this Policy

We reserve the right to modify this Policy in whole or in part from time to time without notice and amendments will be effective immediately upon posting of the amended Policy on our website. If we make any material changes to the Policy, we will send you notice to the last email address you provided to us. Continued use of our services following notice of such changes will indicate your acknowledgement of such changes and agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions of such changes.

Updated: August 14, 2021