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Frequently asked questions

Is there a booking commission fee?

Not for PRO and ENTERPRISE paid subscriptions. There is a 1% fee for EXPLORER trips since there is no up-front fee. There is a minor 0.1% fee on GUIDE and CREW for Credit Card payments but Direct Payments are FREE.

Can I use YouLi to plan my personal trip?

YES! You’re welcome to sign-up for the EXPLORER option. As long as you don’t enable online payments, no fees will be charged. All we ask is that you share with any friends that might want to use our paid subscriptions!

Do I have to commit to a subscription?

No, you can get started for FREE and only pay 1% YouLi booking fee on top of credit card fees when your travelers book your trip. To eliminate YouLi booking fees, you can switch to a subscription at any time.

Can I change subscriptions after signup?

YES! Of course, you can change to meet your needs at anytime. If you are upgrading an annual subscription, your payments to date will be credited towards your upgraded subscription.

Do I have to download anything?

Nope. We are a completely mobile optimized, online solution. Nothing to download for you or your travelers. We are always available in a Software as a Service model (SaaS).

What if I need more trips that my subscription allows?

YouLi is here to help you scale. So you can always purchase another at the per trip price for your subscription. If it is more cost effective, you can always upgrade and pre-pay for the trips you need. If you are beyond our PREMIUM package, we offer competitive ENTERPRISE packages that include custom integrations.

Are there fees for refunds?

If you accept credit cards, the refund fees will be set by your gateway, see question above. YouLi does not charge a refund fee for Direct Payments.

What credit card fees will I pay?

Credit card fees are determined by the gateway selected. By default we integrate with Stripe, we also have the option to connect to Square and PayPal. Check their prices for your currency to know what fees you’ll pay. You can connect your existing Stripe, Square or PayPal account and maintain direct control over settlement options. Note that if you settle into a currency other than the one paid by the traveler (for example: they pay in USD and your bank account is in AUD), you will incur foreign exchange fees charged by the gateway. This can be expensive if you must then pay out in another currency – be sure to price your trips accordingly.

Do I have to accept credit cards?

Not if you are on a paid subscription you can enable Direct Payments. Most of our clients prefer Direct Payments because of reduced fees and less risk of fees relating to refund requests. YouLi provides an online invoice and email confirmations so your travelers know you’ve received the payment. You can also track payments manually in case you have travelers who do not use the online booking interface.

How do I get support?

You can open a support ticket or chat with us from within the application. We typically respond within hours, and always within 1 business day. Additional support contracts are available.

Is YouLi a Marketplace?

Not exactly. We provide software to run your marketplace or shop online. We offer competitive prices so you benefit the most from monetizing your audience through travel experiences. In fact, we actually power some niche Marketplaces. Check out our Showcase to see what kinds of trips you can plan on YouLi and join our next Meetup to learn how our community find their travelers and get more bookings.

Do you offer a white-label solution?

YES! All our paid subscriptions come with basic white-labelling – because you work hard to build your audience and deserve all the credit. Building, or integrating with, your website is also available. Branded domains are also available.

What is a Planner?

When you sign up to YouLi to plan your own trip, you’re a Planner. As a Planner, you get access to a dashboard where you can see and update your trip details with various features based on your subscription. Your travelers only see what matters to them via Travel Pages that you publish. Ditch the spreadsheets and email threads and make sure your group is on track to have an amazing experience, organized by you, the Planner!


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