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We are a platform, which means we are constantly improving the software you use, and all you have to do is be a client to get the benefit each time we release new functionality.

We run an “agile” shop, so we are regularly making good stuff for you. We call them sprints, because we get winded working so fast 😅. To help you keep up, we publish “Release Notes” so you know what we’ve been up to.

If you’re already a client, then you get these notes by email. 

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2019 and BEYOND

  • Not to worry, we’re still making great changes, but we’ve moved our release notes to the Help Center.
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JULY 2019

JUNE 2019

MAY 2019

  • Release 1.68 – May 31st – Integrating YouLi with other systems just got easier. Are your travelers in Hubspot or Salesforce? Load them into YouLi via Bulk Upload. READ MORE
  • Release 1.67 – May 22nd – Integrating YouLi with other systems just got easier. Are your travelers in Hubspot or Salesforce? Load them into YouLi via Bulk Upload. READ MORE
  • Release 1.66 – May 15th – Managing your team just got easier. Do more, including setting whether your team members are contacts on your trips and Travel Pages. READ MORE

APRIL 2019

  • Release 1.65 – April 18th – Collecting payments just got easier with this new feature. Now you can also set a deposit due date relative to each traveler’s registration. This tool can be handy to customise every travel experience, especially when scaling your business. We’ll even do the nagging for you with automated reminders based on when your travelers register. READ MORE
  • Release 1.64 – April 5th – Introducing Task Analytics, the better way to visualize the information you collect from your travelers – reduce your pre-trip questions with YouLi Trips.

MARCH 2019

  • Release 1.62 – Mar 5th – We’ve introduced two new subscriptions: Trip Leader and Traveler. This allows us to provide a better experience for these users.


  • Release 1.61 – Feb 15th – Click funnels and trip notes, better than chocolates and flowers. Check out this example of integrating your YouLi travel page to your website’s tour landing page.


  • Release 1.58 – Jan 18th – Integrate YouLi trips into YOUR website + reminding people to respond to optional items in the itinerary.

December 2018


November 2018


October 2018


September 2018


August 2018

  • Release 1.49 – Aug 30th  – Trip Essential: Automatic Task for Booking Travel Insurance 


  • Release 1.48 – Aug 9th  – Automated reminders for balance due. Like a good friend, the balance due will now always be there when you collect payments with YouLi.
    Balance Due
  • Release 1.47 – Aug 2nd  – You can now pin your itinerary items to the map.

JULY 2018

June 2018

  • WordPress Plugin – Don’t duplicate your content, embed your YouLi trips inside YOUR domain.
  • Release 1.44 – June 16th – Grow faster with COPY trip and TEMPLATES. Meet your Match helps you find your perfect subscription.

MAY 2018

April 2018

  • Release 1.41 – Apr 27th –  Sick of Google Drive? Upload your Trip documents to YouLi – Resources put your documents and your traveler documents “All in one place”
  • Release 1.40 – Apr 12th – ✅🤖 Automated task reminders are here – let the bots do the nagging

MARCH 2018

February 2018

January 2018

December 2017

November 2017

October 2017

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