Our vision is to make it easier to experience the world and

empower organizers to bring others along.

Our Story

We are an all-woman team with a passion for travel and technology. We do things a little differently because we know that algorithms don’t know the best places to go, only the best organizers do. So we are building technology to empower you to create the travel experiences that will change the way your travelers see the world.

Get to know the team below and say hello/thank you for solving the pain of organizing travel experiences your fellow travelers will never forget.

Bron Thulke - Co-founder

Bron Thulke takes our designs from concept to vivid reality. We are lucky to have Bron as our Lead Platform Developer. Without her keen eye for aesthetics, her mastery of frameworks and ability to make it all work smoothly, we wouldn’t be delivering the experience our clients expect.

Jen Fein - Co-founder

Jen Fein is the product visionary behind YouLi and epic group travel planner. After years of building digital products as an engineer and product manager for others, she’s now determined to make software that enables unique global experiences.  She met Bron at a #shehacks event. Her vision is becoming reality through YouLi, much like a globally gathering comes together: with love, patience and perseverance. 


Caitlin Wynne brings her Danish trained design skills to bear on the interesting challenge of making complex information easy to access. Her ability to quickly mockup designs that are pleasing to look at and provide the right user experience is key to YouLi’s success. She creates the views that bring our boring data models to life and makes it look so easy!

POPNOD is a marketing studio that champions women-led fashion and lifestyle brands. Stephanie David and team have helped us find our voice and tell the world our vision. We can’t recommend them enough!


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