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Frequently Asked Questions

Will new YouLi pricing and booking fee effect my existing plan?

YouLi accounts activated before Sept. 22, 2021 with 0% YouLi Booking Fee will be grandfathered at 0% YouLi Booking Fee for the duration of uninterrupted subscription. That means you will keep you existing booking fee terms, including 0% booking fee if applied, as long as your YouLi account is active and paid in full without interruptions in subscription.

Can I host my website on YouLi?

Yes, you can. Choose “PRO Plug N Play” subscription to active access to your Plug N Play website content. Once activated, open a support ticket to transfer your domain to YouLi, meanwhile add your text, images and videos to launch within days, not weeks.

What is a Booking fee?

The YouLi Booking Fee is charged on credit card payments for trips hosted on YouLi. Depending on your package, the fee percentage could be from 4% to 0%. These booking fees are on top of any credit card fees your gateway may charge, similar to a commission fee. Zero booking fee options are available with ENTERPRISE subscriptions. Payments are FREE when your travelers do direct bank transfers (available with PRO plans and higher). Start your group trips with 4% Booking Fee and NO Commitment on EXPLORER. Once you are ready to grow, go PRO 😉 **FUTURE READY limited time offer comes with NO booking fee for the first trip, 2% fees are charged starting the second trip. ** FUTURE READY package is

What are Packages in YouLi?

Packages are different base prices that you set on the planner side of YouLi for your travelers to choose from. Packages settings empower you to designate a different price based on room type, group size, single supplement, etc. 

Does YouLi hold my booking payments?

YouLi never holds your money! Unlike some platforms that do not settle money (pay out to you) until 30 days AFTER the trip, YouLi connect your booking Trip Page™️ to YOUR Stripe or Square account. In that way YOUR reputation with the payment gateway determines when your money is paid out. For Stripe this is usually 7 days. YouLi clients are free to use the payment gateway of their choice.

What credit card fees will I pay?

Credit card fees are determined by the gateway selected. By default we integrate with Stripe, we also have the option to connect to Square, CyberSource, PayPal, Venmo and more. Check their prices for your currency to know what fees you’ll pay. You can connect your existing Stripe, Square or PayPal account and maintain direct control over settlement options. Note that if you settle into a currency other than the one paid by the traveler (for example: they pay in USD and your bank account is in AUD), you will incur foreign exchange fees charged by the gateway. This can be expensive if you must then pay out in another currency – be sure to price your trips accordingly.

Can I pay per trip instead of monthly?

We do have PREMIUM TRIPS (per trip packages) that allow you to make one time payment and cover access to premium YouLi features like unlimited tasks, direct bank transfers, website integration, etc. for one trip (instead of monthly subscription). You can take as long as you need to prepare for the trip, your payment will be valid until your trip is actually delivered. PREMIUM TRIPS are available via our partner network. Please open the chat box to inquire details.

Do I need a credit card to get the free trial?

Our EXPLORER (former GUIDE) plan is free forever. Simply sign up, NO credit card needed. If you’d like to try YouLi Premium Features (like FREE direct payments), save on Booking Fees, or host your website on YouLi, upgrade to PRO plan. You will need to provide the credit card information and can cancel your subscription anytime.

How to choose the right YouLi plan for your business?

Answering these questions will help you pick the right plan: Do I accept multiple payment methods, like: credit card, direct bank transfer, Venmo, PayPal, etc. How many people are in your team How many pricing base lines do you need How many tasks per trip would you need Here is how we look at it: Start free with EXPLORER. When ready to grow, go PRO 👊Looking for a big prize? You are an ENTERPRISE!

Do I have to commit to a subscription?

No! With YouLi you can get started for FREE on EXPLORER plan. You will pay 4% YouLi Booking Fee on top of credit card fees when your travelers book your trip. To reduce the booking fees, upgrade to a premium plan, like PRO or ENTERPRISE.

Who owns the content and data I upload?

YOU DO! That’s right, we believe your content is your content. You just give us the right to share it with the people you request (public or private). Unlike Facebook or other big social platforms, we don’t own your content or data. We even say so in our privacy policy.

Does your software integrate into my existing website?

YES! You can embed (integrate) your public itineraries and booking pages into your website with almost any website builder. You can also host your website on YouLi, or use your YouLi Trip Pages as stand alone Landing Pages. We even offer white-label domain option to help you showcase your brand and provide consistent customer experience.

What is a YouLi Trip Page?

A YouLi Trip Page, also known as a Booking or Registration Page, Interactive Itinerary or a Traveler’s Portal is a one-page website where your clients can view itineraries, process payments, upload documents and answer questions from the trip planner. Ditch the spreadsheets and email threads and make sure your group is on track to have an amazing experience!

Do you offer a white-label solution?

YES! All our premium subscriptions come with basic white-labelling (logo and color) – because you work hard to build your audience and deserve all the credit. Building, or integrating with, your website is also available. White-label domains are also available.

Is YouLi a Marketplace?

Not exactly. We provide software to run your marketplace or shop online. We offer competitive prices so you benefit the most from monetizing your audience through travel experiences. In fact, we actually power some niche Marketplaces. Check out our Showcase to see what kinds of trips you can plan on YouLi and join our next Meetup to learn how our community find their travelers and get more bookings.

How do I get support in my country?

YouLi provides global customer support with team representatives in the USA, Australia and Europe. You can open a support ticket or chat with us from within the application. We typically respond within hours, and always within 1 business day. Additional support contracts are available.

Do I have to accept credit cards?

No, that’s one of the many great things about YouLi! If you are on a premium package you can enable Direct Payments. Most of our clients prefer Direct Payments because of reduced fees and less risk of fees relating to refund requests. YouLi provides an online invoice and email confirmations so your travelers know you’ve received the payment. You can also track payments manually in case you have travelers who do not use the online booking interface. Avoid credit card and YouLi booking fees with the VENTURE package and above.

Are there fees for refunds?

If you accept credit cards, the refund fees will be set by your gateway, see question above. YouLi does not charge a refund fee for Direct Payments.

Can I copy my itineraries?

Absolutely! You can make a simple copy (with or without invitees), or turn your trip into a template for future use. We recommend creating signature templates to streamline your processes.

No monthly fee. No credit card needed.